ICR provides every kind of legal support service you may need in pursuing your case.  From outstanding court reporting services and videography to high-quality interpreters for the most complex litigation, you can ask ICR to arrange everything for you. 

Our court reporters have vast experience in reporting court hearings, depositions, public meetings, arbitrations, business meetings, government hearings, and many other unique situations where a court reporter can be used. 



In-person depositions are becoming increasingly rare, being replaced with remote depositions that allow cases to stay on track from anywhere in the world. But in order to do them well, you need a team of professionals. The latest technology coupled with our extensive experience allows us to effectively and seamlessly conduct remote legal proceedings that mirror in-person depositions and produce a superior result.


Experts in general court reporting services, ICR has been relied upon to accurately report everything from capital murder cases to billion-dollar labor disputes.  When you call ICR, the phone will be answered 24 hours a day.  You will speak with a principal of our firm, not an uninterested part-time employee you often get with the large behemoth firms.

ICR prides itself on the dependability, accuracy, and professionalism of not only our reporters but our administrative service as well.  Many times, our 24-hour attitude has saved the day for attorneys getting ready for trial and they can’t find a certain transcript that ICR reported.  A call at 5 o’clock in the morning, and they had the transcript via email a few minutes later.

If you have a deposition that requires realtime and daily copy, or if you have a motion in a local court, you can depend upon ICR to provide the same outstanding professionalism and service.

ICR offers completely remote depositions with an electronic notary public who has the power to swear witnesses legally over videoconferencing. ICR utilizes all of the main format, including Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, and GoTo Meeting. If you have another provider you would prefer to use, just ask us.

ICR offers traditional videoconferencing in our office in Manassas as well as mobile videoconferencing wherever you are. We can bring a laptop to the deposition for you, or we can offer last-minute reporters remotely when a reporter may not be able to be there in person. ICR can set up a link for your exhibits to be presented throughout the deposition. ICR also covers many remote court hearings as well.

ICR is a one-stop shop for all of your deposition and court needs, including interpreting. Whatever language you may need, call ICR to schedule an interpreter.  You will receive a seasoned experienced interpreter for your proceeding.

Are you going to have some heavily technical testimony?  Send us a summary of terms and items that will be discussed, and our interpreter will study ahead to be familiar with the terminology to ensure a smooth deposition. 

How many times have you had an interpreter stumble because they were not familiar with the words and concepts being discussed?  Call ICR to eliminate that problem.

ICR’s videographers utilize the most cutting-edge technology to provide you with the finest video of whatever legal proceeding you have.  Our videographers can provide you with a video on the spot at the end of the deposition.  ICR also offers “videosynching” which synchs the transcript with the video.  The resulting product is a file that can be played on a computer.  You can click a word on the transcript, and the corresponding video will be played.  You can edit out objections or certain testimony on the fly.

Need a videographer in court to edit your video?  ICR can provide that, too.  Many times our clients have had motions proceedings to discuss objections during a video deposition.  The problem is that the motion was immediately prior to trial.  How do you edit the video?  Call ICR, and we will provide a videographer capable of editing the video right there at the courthouse so your edited video may be played to the jury the same day!

ICR has performed some of the most difficult transcription jobs possible.  The Performance Results Corporation and then directly for the Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy division, we have transcribed many International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation meetings with a wide array of accents as well as very poor recordings to achieve a useful and valuable transcript.  Additionally, ICR has transcribed police interrogations, confessions, and many other criminal and civil recordings.  ICR’s transcript of Prince William County Bar interviews with founding members of the Bar ensures that their illustrious history will never be lost.  ICR also offers transcription of web-based video and audio.

Why use ICR?  We use only experienced court reporters for our transcriptions that are located in America.  We do not outsource our efforts to uninterested parties that are only concerned about how many lines they can type as quickly as possible.  By having experienced court reporters do difficult transcription work, you can be assured that the transcript will as accurate as possible and convey as much meaning as possible.  ICR’s reporters who do transcription also hold the AAERT’s coveted CERT**D certification, which includes the CET**D certification (Certified Electronic Transcriber Digital).

ICR utilizes the latest technology to extract the most from any kind of audio or video recording.  Whether it’s old VCR tapes, mini-cassette tapes, or digital audio, ICR will not only provide you the highest quality transcript from your recording, but we will also provide you a digital version of your recording included in our service.

When you need the job done right, you need to call ICR!


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