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Court Reporting Firm

60+ Years of experience

Our Mission

Our core values are honesty, dependability, and quality. We don’t just talk about these values; we live them in everything we do, from our honesty in billing to our precise transcripts to our professional service.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, we’re built on the discipline and honor learned from military service. This background teaches us to value reliability and trust above all, shaping how we work and how we treat our clients.

Choosing us means more than getting a court reporting firm; it means getting a committed partner who always delivers dependable, quality service.

We provide the same services as the big global organizations but with an individual owner oversight. What that leads to is an eye towards quality on all jobs since we’re not just a big clearinghouse for reporting jobs. More importantly for us, it means honesty and integrity in all facets of our operation, including billing. You’ll always know exactly what you’re being billed for. That’s the ICR way.

ICR Rudiger & Green, proudly providing professional court reporters to Virginia’s legal community for the last 60 years, continues to expand its scope of services to include court reporting and remote depositions. We have been the court reporting service and have been relied upon to report the criminal cases for Fairfax County and Prince William County Courthouses for over 50 years.

our history

How we Became Industry Leaders

In 2008, Joey joined forces with Jerry Evans, a Navy veteran, to establish ICR. Over the next 14 years, ICR focused primarily on civil matters in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Southern Maryland. During this period, ICR successfully completed a five-year government contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). It also secured a long-term contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to handle all EEOC matters, a relationship that continues to this day. Furthermore, ICR became a significant player in the airline industry, providing crucial reporting services for major arbitrations involving key airlines, including the United/Continental and American/US Airways/America West pilot seniority integrations.

In 2022, ICR acquired Rudiger, Green & Kerns, a firm with a 60-year legacy in Northern Virginia. Rudiger & Green is known for its extensive work in criminal matters, serving both the Fairfax County and Prince William County courthouses. To honor the rich history of Rudiger & Green, ICR rebranded itself as ICR Rudiger & Green, reinforcing its commitment to providing exceptional reporting services while embracing the legacy of its new acquisition.

Why us?

What we can do for you:

Meet Our Founders


Joseph “Joey,” born and raised in West Texas, was immersed in the oilfield from an early age, gaining experience through various related jobs. He later attended Angelo State University, where he pursued a marketing degree with a minor in computer science. During his studies, he worked with a local business cleaning vent hoods in restaurants. During a break from college, Joey managed a convenience store in Denver City, TX, while caring for his ailing father. Upon returning to his studies, he worked for and eventually managed a Radio Shack store.

Joey then relocated to Dallas and started his own business specializing in cleaning vent hoods. During his time in Dallas, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, heading to California for boot camp and training. He served with a helicopter squadron on the USS New Orleans, deploying to Operation Desert Storm and later to Somalia. While on deployment, he applied for the Marine Corps court reporting program and was accepted. He transferred to Northern Virginia for training and court reporting work. After being discharged from the Marine Corps, Joey remained in Northern Virginia, working for local court reporting firms until he launched his own practice.


Born in Portland, Oregon, Jerry spent most of his childhood in the Pacific Northwest but moved across multiple western states due to his father’s job. He eventually settled in Spokane, Washington, where he attended Gonzaga Prep, Gonzaga University, and later Washington State University before joining the U.S. Navy. While serving as an Intelligence Specialist, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science.

During his Navy service, Jerry deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln during Desert Storm. He then became an instructor at a weapons school in San Diego, where he contributed to the development of the next generation Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System (TAMPS) and established its first training course. This work inspired him to pursue his Computer Science degree.

After leaving the Navy in 1996, Jerry remained in the Naval Reserves, retiring from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2008. He then moved from San Diego to Northern Virginia, taking on increasingly senior roles in the defense industry, including Vice President of Capture and Business Development at Information International Associates (IIA), Senior Director of Business Development at STG, Senior Growth Director for Air Force Programs at Engility, Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Kingfisher Systems, Senior Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, and Senior Systems Engineer at Raytheon.

Jerry met Joey through mutual friends after moving to Virginia in 1996. Their shared military backgrounds fostered a friendship, which evolved into a partnership in 2008 when Jerry and Joey decided to form ICR after discussing an idea for expanding Joey’s court reporting business.

No Hidden Fees

Honesty and Integrity in all Facets of Our Operation

ICR Rudiger & Green provides the same services as the Big Box Firms of the world but with an individual owner oversight.

We have no hidden fees. We have line-item billing so clients know exactly what they are being billed for.