videography and interpreter services

ICR is a one-stop shop for all of your deposition and court needs.  As such, we provide superior videographers and interpreters when needed.  Whatever language you may need, call ICR to schedule an interpreter.  You will receive a seasoned experienced interpreter for your proceeding.  Are you going to have some heavily technical testimony?  Send us a summary of terms and items that will be discussed, and our interpreter will study ahead to be familiar with the terminology to ensure a smooth deposition.  How many times have you had an interpreter stumble because they were not familiar with the words and concepts being discussed?  Call ICR to eliminate that problem.

ICR's videographers utilize the most cutting edge technology to provide you the finest video of whatever legal proceeding you have.  Our videographers can provide you a video on the spot at the end of the deposition.  ICR also offers "videosynching" which synchs the transcript with the video.  The resulting product is a file that can be played on a computer.  You can click a word on the transcript, and the corresponding video will be played.  You can edit out objections or certain testimony on the fly.

Need a videographer in court to edit your video?  ICR can provide that, too.  Many times our clients have had motions proceedings to discuss objections during a video deposition.  The problem is that the motion was immediately prior to trial.  How do you edit the video?  Call ICR, and we will provide a videographer capable of editing the video right there at the courthouse so your edited video may be played to to the jury the same day!