"We have used the transcription services provided by Inabnet Reporting Services on numerous occasions to capture in print, dialogue from taped international technical meetings. We have found Inabnet to be very responsive, thorough, and enjoyable to work with. Their deliverables have consistently been timely and of excellent quality." 
                                                    --Performance Results Corporation
                                                     Morgantown, WV; Germantown, MD

ICR has performed some of the most difficult transcription jobs possible.  The Performance Results Corporation and then directly for the Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy division, we have transcribed many International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation meetings with a wide array of accents as well as very poor recordings to achieve a useful and valuable transcript.  Additionally, ICR has transcribed police interrogations, confessions, and many other criminal and civil recordings.  ICR's transcript of Prince William County Bar interviews with founding members of the Bar ensure that their illustrious history will never be lost.  ICR also offers transcription of web-based video and audio. 

Why use ICR?  We use only experienced court reporters for our transcriptions that are located in America.  We do not outsource our efforts to uninterested parties that are only concerned about how many lines they can type as quickly as possible.  By having experienced court reporters do difficult transcription work, you can be assured that the transcript will as accurate as possible and convey as much meaning as possible.  ICR's reporters who do transcription also hold the AAERT's coveted CERT**D certification, which includes the CET**D certification (Certified Electronic Transcriber Digital).

ICR is utlizes the latest technology to extract the most from any kind of audio or video recording.  Whether it's old VCR tapes, mini-cassette tapes, or digital audio, ICR will not only provide you the highest quality transcript from your recording, but we will also provide you an digital version of your recording included in in our service.

When you need the job done right, you need to call ICR!

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