deposition, court hearings, arbitrations and other proceedings

Call ICR when you need an expert reporter for any type of proceeding you may have.


Our reporters arrive at least 25 minutes early to your deposition, or we will call you and let you know how many minutes away they are.  If you order it at the time you set the job, our reporter will come prepared to provide you Daily Copy, Realtime, or a Rough ASCII.  This service must be preorderd so that ICR can provide the right kind of reporter for your needs.  If you need Realtime Streaming or other service, please let us know.  In addition, schedule your videography or interpreting needs through ICR at the same time you schedule the court reporter.

Court Hearings

ICR is routinely called upon to provide court reporters for preliminary hearings, traffic court, circuit court civil suits, and many other types of court proceedings.  ICR's reporters are in court almost every day in Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, Loudoun County, and Fauquier County.  In addition, we oftentimes provide court reporters to Warren County and Frederick County as well as other more Souther Counties in Virginia.
 Remember that in Virginia, if you have a criminal matter in Circuit Court, the courthouse should provide a court reporter for you.  Always check with the other side in a civil matter to ensure that they haven't already orderd a court reporter.


In addition to Labor Arbitrations, in which ICR specializes, we have provided reporters for many arbitrations through AAA for civil matters.  You can always count on our reporters to be professional and ensure that the arbitrator is impressed with your choice of court reporter.

Realtime/Daily Copy/Rough ASCII

In any of the types of proceedings above, you can order Realtime, Daily Copy, or Rough ASCII.  Realtime is the ability to view the transcript on a latptop and take notes as the proceedings progress.  Daily Copy means that ICR will provide you the completed official transcript by the next morning, or even the same night.  If you want a Rough ASCII, ICR will provide you a rough slightly edited transcript so that you may review the testimony in preparation for the next day's proceedings.  These services need to be ordered at the time you order the reporter so that ICR can ensure the right reporter is there for the job.  Our reporters generally provide realtime services through either Livenote or Bridge software.