ICR currently offers videoconferencing at our site in Manassas.  Our conference room boasts High Definition videoconferencing (HD) with the latest in videoconferencing equipment, and the room seats up to 14 people, great for larger depositions.  
     Videoconferencing helps you save time and money by staying in the Northern Virginia area while still being able to observe the witness/job applicant just as if they are in the room with you.  No need to waste your time and your client's money with airfare, hotel costs, and billing for your travel time. 
     Videoconferencing allows you to stream content as well as the video so that you can present PowerPoint presentations or observe a doctor's radiographic films.  ICR will be offering the option to record the session very soon.
     Have a witness in another state or internationally?  Ask ICR to schedule a videoconference for you in any major city in the world.  We are members of Affinity, Mivnet, Regus, and Eyenetwork.  As such, we have access to videoconferencing suites all over the world.  Click on one of the pictures below to schedule a videoconference!