ICR provides every kind of legal support service you may need in pursuing your case.  From outstanding court reporting services and videography to high quality interpreters for the most complex litigation, you can ask ICR to arrange everything for you. 

You can rely on ICR's court reporters to arrive ahead of time, accurately take any kind of proceeding, and timely produce the transcript every single time.  Our court reporters have vast experience in reporting court hearings, depositions, public meetings, arbitrations, business meetings, government hearings, and many other unique situations where a court reporter can be used. 

If you need a space to hold a deposition, call ICR to set that up for you.  Our location next to Prince William County Courthouse is complimentary when using one of our other services and very convenient if you are appearing in
Prince William County. 

If your deposition is in another location, save time and money by using our High Definition videoconferencing service instead of having to travel to another location, lose time in the office, and incur large fees for your client.  Our clients have been so impressed at how useful this service is that they changed their business plan for future depositions based on how convenient and economical videoconferencing is without losing the essential elements of being evaluate the witness' body language.

Would you like to interview someone for a job but don't want to pay to have them come to you or you go to them?  Videoconferencing is the answer.  As part of an international network, ICR can arrange a videoconference for you anywhere in the world!

ICR uses only the most experienced videographers who utilize cutting edge technology to provide you your video in whatever format you require when you need it.  In addition, call ICR to arrange for in-court playback of your video.  If you require an interpreter, ICR can arrange an interpreter for any foreign language.  In addition, particular care is taken to provide the right kind of interpreter for your particular needs, in case you have a extremely technical matter.

Don't hesitate!  Call ICR today at (703) 331-0212!