We believe it's critically important that you have a workable, understandable transcript for an arbitrator to use when making their awards.  Since labor arbitrations generally have industry-specific language and terms of art, it is important that your court reporter understands their meaning so that subtle nuances of your arguments are not lost in the transcript.  Inabnet Reporting Services has been involved in week-long arbitrations that involve less than one sentence of contract language, and billions of dollars.  If one sentence can be that important, imagine if your court reporter doesn't understand the industry language and makes critical typographical errors or omissions in the middle of your important point or number.

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Inabnet Court Reporting has great experience in working for companies and unions on labor disputes.  In that time, we have provided accurate, reliable transcripts, and some of the top arbitrators in the country have noticed, making a point to mention to us that our transcripts are some of the best they have seen in the country.  

The Air Line Pilots Association, Allied Pilots Association, US Airways, United Airlines, Communication Workers of America, the International United of Elevator Constructors, USAPA, AFA, APFA, and many more have trusted ICR from small discipline cases to multibillion dollar contract cases, including several force majeur arbitrations after September 11.  The IUEC recently utilized ICR during their contract negotiations, and ALPA regularly uses ICR for internal matters as well as disputes with management.  In 2013, ALPA utilized ICR for the United Airlines/Continental Airlines Pilot Groups Seniority Integration.  The transcript was delivered daily to both parties and each arbitrator.  ICR again provided exceptional services for the American Airlines/US Airways/American West McCaskill-Bond arbitration process for its pilots in 2015 and 2016, again with daily delivery of transcripts.